We put the theory of a circular economy into practice

Welcome to the Circular Textiles Foundation

The Circular Textiles Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, working within innovation and design and advocating for the recyclability of clothing and textiles.

We bridge the gap between brands and fibre to fibre recyclers, driving the transition to circularity for the UK textiles industry, through bespoke consultancy, training and certification.

Our practical expertise ensures clothing and textiles are designed ‘with the end in mind’ – designed to be recycled within a circular economy.

Why Circular

Our existing linear economy sees us take, make and waste.

It presumes infinite resources for extraction and the infinite regenerative capacity of our Earth.

Circular economies enable materials to re-enter the economy at the end of their use.

The aim is to circulate durable products at their highest value, extending the lifespan through reuse and repair, before finally recycling them in a regenerative system.

Waste is a result of design choices. Let’s make new choices.

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