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About us.

'We created
the foundation to
ensure as much clothing as possible
is designed to be recycled'


Our story

The founders of the Circular Textiles Foundation come from a garment design and manufacture background.

Aware of the environmental impacts of bulk manufacturing, they looked at how to improve the way things were done.

Quickly realising that switching to using recycled materials was simply not enough if that garment could not be recycled at end of use, they identified the need for fibre to fibre recycling technologies.

From this, the Project Plan B fibre to fibre mechanical extrusion technology was developed, and alongside it all the learnings and research was used to create the Circular Textiles Foundation.



Our aims

The Circular Textiles Foundation supports the work of fibre to fibre recycling technologies by guiding brands and manufacturers to ensure that clothing is designed to be suitable for recycling in their systems.

The Circular Textiles Foundation aims to increase awareness and understanding by sending out clear messaging to consumers and brands so that everyone can clearly understand the impact of their choices whether they are a consumer, a designer or a buyer, and crucially, understand where a product will end up at end of use.



We believe

We believe that the circular economy gives us the tools to tackle climate change whilst addressing important social needs.
It allows for growth and prosperity in new ways that are more resilient,

future proofing our way of life whilst cutting emissions, waste and pollution to protect the planet.

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