How We Work

The Circular Textiles Foundation works in a practical way with fashion, textiles and homeware brands.

We specialise in in-depth circularity and recyclability training programmes, product analysis, certification and traceability and can adapt our delivery to suit each business.

We work with brands in three ways:

Circularity Consultancy

We work with you to help you understand what circularity is and how circular principles can be practically implemented to benefit your business.

Our consultancy covers:

  • ‘Designing-out’ of problems
  • Recyclers and their capabilities
  • Fibre to fibre recycling
  • EPR legislation
  • Carbon cost calculations
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Helen White, Product and Brand Director, BAM

Working with the Circular Textiles Foundation enabled us to literally close the loop when it comes to creating mono fibre products. Customers know if they return a product at the end of its life, that it won’t just disappear into a black hole, but will actually be recreated as a new product.

CTF don’t just enable that end of life process, they also share their knowledge of product creation for recycling so that we are designing well from the outset. And finally their stamp of approval means that customers can trust us when we say that a product is circular.

Recyclable clothing on rail

Circularity Training and Workshops

We work with you to review and revise the design of your garments and product, helping you to ensure that circularity is built into the design.

Our knowledge of recyclers and fibre to fibre recycling support our expertise on designing ‘with the end in mind’.

We translate recycler parameters into simplified circular design principles you can embed. Our workshops are:

  • Brand specific
  • Practical
  • Interactive
  • For the whole company

Mary Lawrence, Product Innovation and Licensing Manager, Frugi

To collaborate with such a like-minded organisation has been empowering for Frugi and has enabled us to do so much more within our timeframe – we embedded circular design principles, evolved some of our processes, certified and brought to market a collection of circular garments within 12 months.

Circularity Certification and Traceability

We are the only UK organisation to offer verification and certification in garment recyclability.

The Circular Textiles Foundation Infinitee mark proves to customers that a product is designed to be recycled.

It indicates that the design fits the parameters of named fibre to fibre recycling facilities, providing assurance that there is an of an end of life solution for the product and informs recyclers that they can accept it.

Alongside the certification mark, our QR code system enables the garment to be scanned. Customers can discover how and where the product can be recycled and recyclers can get an accurate composition to ensure the best reuse value.

Infinitee logo and QR code

Professor Kate Goldsworthy, Professor of Circular Design & Innovation, University of the Arts London

As fibre-to-fibre recycling technologies scale-up, it is more important than ever to design products with recyclability embedded at the very start. Put simply, unless a product is ‘designed for recycling’ it won’t be recycled. The challenge is for joined-up action across all brands now, to make circularity a reality in the future.

Working with the Circular Textiles Foundation gives assurance that end-of-life options are properly considered according to the latest specifications straight from the recycling-tech community.

This is game-changing!