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Childrenswear Brand Frugi Goes Circular
Leading Sustainable Childrenswear Brand Announces Partnership
with Circular Textiles Foundation

Frugi, a pioneering brand in sustainability, with GOTS-certified organic cotton at its core for the last 18 years, continues to innovate and lead the way in circular childrenswear. A long-time champion of protecting the planet for future generations, the Cornish-based brand is once again raising its credentials to provide certified circular children’s clothing and will be the first kids clothing brand to join the Circular Textiles Foundation’s revolution.

The Circular Textiles Foundation is the first of its kind; the ground-breaking initiative provides an independent circularity standard for genuine accountability, transparency, and peace of mind. In making circularity accessible to all, the foundation turns the concept into a reality.

Frugi is a brand which prides itself on its sustainable commitments throughout its business, while exporting to over 550 retailers in 30 countries across the globe. Frugi’s wider mission of raising the next generation of eco-heroes mean the collaboration is a perfect fit.

As the first childrenswear brand to join the Circular Textiles Foundation, Frugi has truly taken to heart what it means to be circular.  
Following an in-depth series of circular design workshops with the Foundation, the brand is working to embed key circular principles throughout the design, development, and manufacturing process, to create a ground-breaking range of fully recyclable clothing for the Spring/Summer 2023 season.

The Circular Textiles Foundation certification mark will be carried on 22% of the new Spring/Summer ‘23 collection;
with a goal to encompass the entire organic cotton range for future collections.  This mark guarantees that the garment has been designed to be recycled by a specific facility, which processes it into new fabric. The fabric can then be used to make new clothing, eliminating waste, reducing the need for virgin materials, and reducing CO2 emissions. Frugi customers can actively join in with the brand’s circular journey by scanning the QR code found on the garment’s tag  to find out how and where it can be recycled.

As a brand that has always pioneered in sustainability, Frugi produce high quality and durable clothes that can be patched up, passed down and worn again and again, rather than being disposed of after a few wears. A key aim of partnering with the CTF is to prevent clothes going into landfill or incineration via diversion and recycling. This aligns with Frugi’s values to create an ‘end of life’ plan for all its garments, giving the brand full responsibility for the clothing it produces even after they are purchased by customers. Frugi’s clothes are made to last, so through the CTF partnership, each holder will continually be able to scan a garment’s label and recycle it,
no matter how many times it is passed on to siblings, friends, and relations.

Sophie Scanlon, Head of Circular Design for the Circular Textiles Foundation, comments: “Frugi has truly taken to heart what it means to commit to making garments circular. We are delighted to be supporting them in transforming the way future generations value and interact with their clothes.’’

Sarah Clark, CEO of Frugi Group, comments: “We’re excited to be joining a ground-breaking initiative like the Circular Textile Foundation. Sustainability is at the heart of the Frugi brand our clothes are already designed to grow with children,
using reversible prints, interactive appliques, and clothes with extendable cuffs, waistbands, and shoulder straps.  
Our commitment to eliminating waste is further strengthened by our partnership with the Circular Textile Foundation,
especially as the first childrenswear brand to do so. We can’t wait to launch our Spring/Summer ‘23 range with the new certification
and to show that we are serious about making a genuinely circular product, and to protect the planet we play on.”

About Frugi
Frugi was founded in 2004 by Kurt and Lucy Jewson after they struggled to find sustainable clothes to fit over reusable nappies.
Eighteen years later, Frugi is the UK’s leading ethical and organic children’s clothing brand available to buy online from welovefrugi.com and over 550 retailers globally in 30 countries. The full range includes new-born to twelve years, along with Frugi Bloom, a stylish maternity, and breastfeeding range. 

Designed in Cornwall, Frugi has developed many clever details for the clothing range to help prolong the lifespan, such as extendable sleeves and trouser legs. The brand is famous for vibrant prints, fun appliqués, and for using sustainable fabrics.
Frugi is proud to be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by Soil Association Certification,
the highest level of certification in the world of leading textile processing standards.

In Spring 2022, Frugi announced its partnership with the Circular Textiles Foundation – the first childrenswear brands to join the ground-breaking initiative. CTF provides an independent circularity standard for the genuine accountability and transparency of brands involved, aiming to prevent garments going into landfill or incineration via diversion and recycling.
A quarter of Frugi’s Spring/Summer ‘23 range will carry the Circular Textiles Foundation certification mark, guaranteeing that garments are designed to be recycled, and creating an ‘end of life’ plan for Frugi clothing.

Every year, 1% of turnover is given to charity through their Frugi Little Clothes BIG Change initiative and so far a total of £1 million has been donated to various children and environmental causes.

Frugi is the trading name of Cut4Cloth Ltd registered in England, company number 05011885. The registered office is Wheal Vrose Business Park, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0FG.
For more information on Frugi, please contact Maitland/amo at frugi@maitland.co.uk.
www.welovefrugi.com @welovefrugi

Breaking the mould, BAM clothing collaborated with fibre to fibre polyster recycler Project Plan B to create the award winning 73 Zero jacket.
BAM and Project Plan B won the Drapers Best Circularity Initiative 2022, proving the Circular Textile Foundation’s process of joining up brands and recyclers to deliver genuinely circular products.

BAM has been pioneering natural activewear since 2006, working tirelessly to find high performing, low impact alternatives to synthetic fabrics.

73% of clothing currently goes to landfill or is incinerated. BAM wants to get that to zero and has set an ambitious goal to be fully circular by 2030. This has required a rethink on how clothes are made, packaged and recycled, beginning the design process with the end in mind. BAM has taken up the challenge by creating an innovative and ground-breaking range of circular clothing that is made from recycled materials with zero waste: both 100% recyclable and affordably priced.

By creating a blueprint for other businesses to follow, BAM believes that one day all clothing could be made this way.

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CSM Live announce industry-leading circular economy partnership to cement their Birmingham Commonwealth Games legacy

London, UK, Monday 26 September 2022 – Live experience, branding, and events agency, CSM Live is proud to be stepping up their textile recycling initiative from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games having partnered with the Circular Textiles Foundation (CTF). CTF is a forward-thinking organisation that works with brands and manufacturers to ensure as much clothing as possible is designed to be recycled. This is another key step in CSM Live’s mission of bringing environmental sustainability to the forefront of their business strategy.

The Circular Textiles Foundation aims to accelerate the textile industry’s transition to circularity by providing an independent circularity standard. Increasing traceability and connecting key players from across the supply chain, the CTF offers the technical expertise required for members to close the loop by working collaboratively to design and scale up solutions in fibre-fibre recycling.
Tim Cross, Director of the Circular Textiles Foundation, commented:
“CSM Live is truly leading the way for the global events industry by making the very necessary, and significant, commitments towards reducing waste and achieving circularity. We are absolutely delighted that CSM Live have joined the CTF and look forward to supporting them in making events circular.”

Recycling textiles is a process CSM Live has embraced across their work at high-profile sporting events. As the Official Look, Wayfinding and Signage provider for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, CSM Live worked in collaboration with Project Plan B – a recycling partner of the Circular Textiles Foundation, – to ensure that many of the products were designed to be recycled. As a result, the products produced for the Games were 100% polyester, which meant eliminating eyelets and finding new ways to ensure functionality as well as embedding recyclability after the event.

Using mechanical recycling technology, Project Plan B can give post-event polyester products a second life. Designed in 100% polyester, textile feed stock is shredded into small pieces. These pieces then go through extrusion, vaporisation, filtration and pelletisation processes to become rPET pellets which can be reused in a number of ways ranging from being spun into various types of fibres for yarns to create new textile products, or injection moulded into hard plastic products.

Cross further explains: “This ground breaking technology is changing how we use resources for the better. It is a great privilege to be recycling products from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and it will be exciting to see what the resulting rPET pellets might be turned into in their next lives.”

Speaking on the importance of the partnership to CSM Live going forward, Giles Stanford, Director of Global Events, commented: “The event and live experience industry is a large but overlooked global consumer of textiles. Our work at Birmingham 2022 played a pivotal role in supporting a sustainable legacy at the Games, driving forward our circular economy efforts. As the first organisation in the industry to become a member, this will help us better design and procure our projects, thus accelerating eco-innovation across the industry.”

By joining the Circular Textiles Foundation, CSM Live will not only benefit from having access to eco-innovation at the forefront of the textile industry but will also be able to play a vital role in driving and scaling up circular economy efforts across the sporting and experiential industry.

About CSM Live
CSM Live, part of CSM Sport & Entertainment, is an environmental branding, signage, experiential and live event company, working across sport, entertainment, public sector and social impact. Driven by a team of 350+ passionate people in 8+ countries, our purpose is to pursue extraordinary, creating extraordinary experiences with impact.

About Circular Textiles Foundation:
The Circular Textiles Foundation supports the work of fibre-to-fibre recycling technologies by guiding brands and manufacturers to ensure that clothing is designed to be suitable for recycling in their systems. It aims to increase awareness and understanding by sending out clear messaging to consumers and brands so that everyone can clearly understand the impact of their choices whether they are a consumer, a designer or a buyer, and crucially, understand where a product will end up at end of use.

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