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'Keep resources
cycling at their
highest value'

We work with fibre to fibre textile recyclers to ensure
clothing can be recycled into new textiles at the end of use

Every recycler has their own set of rules and parameters for the make up of the garments that they can accept and requirements for volumes of delivery. This makes it challenging for brands to work with them directly.
The Circular Textile Foundation removes these barriers by translating their parameters for your garments, consolidating and providing easy routes to their technology.

Renewcell is an award winning textile to textile recycling company based in Sweden, with a unique technology and a world-class team of people on a mission to change the global textile industry for the better They plan to recycle the equivalent of more than 1,4 billion t shirts every year by 2030.
Their product is Circulose®, and they make it out of 100% textile waste. Brands use it to replace high impact raw materials like fossil oil and cotton in their textile products. Learn more about circulose® here.
We can now certify garments as being suitable for recycling through Renewcells’s textile to textile recycling technology.

We’ve linked up with Renewcell to understand their recycling
parameters and build them into our circular design principles.

Project Plan B are an award winning company based in Plymouth, UK.
A commitment to tackling global environmental challenges faced by the textile industry,
they developed a mechanical extrusion fibre to fibre recycling technology for pre and post consumer polyester.
Their aim is to keep all th epolyester we have in circulation, and negate the need for any more virgin polyester to be used in the textile industry. Project Plan B offer manufacturing and polyester recycling.

We can certify garments as being suitable for recycling
through textile to textile recycling technologies.

Iinouiio is a textile recycling business with over 200 years of UK heritage in shoddy textile recycling, producing recycled fibres, spun yarns and knitted accessories.

Iinouiio is a demonstration of what is possible with wool and cashmere recycling in the UK. Grown from the passion of its founders to repurpose old textiles using traditional techniques.

They recycle the knitwear that people in the UK throw away. All the buttons, labels and linings are removed – they find creative uses for these too. Iinouiio yarn can be knitted or woven, making beautiful products from recycled fibres to start a new life all over again.

“We are the world´s first open recycling system closing the loop for blended textile waste. ♻

Today, only a fraction of all textiles produced are recycled. OnceMore® from Södra is the world’s first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics. The process combines post-consumer textile waste with Södra’s responsible managed forests to produce high-quality textile pulp. This way OnceMore® is closing the loop and enable a circular fashion industry throughout the value chain. Read more about OnceMore® and how we work with: